Two weeks to go!

It’s been a week but this will be a relatively short post.

Well a week has gone by and a lot has happened. First half of the week went really well compared to week one of Phase 2. Second half to the week didn’t go to plan. Wednesday my mother went for an operation so this didn’t happen. Thursday I was only able to complete half the work out. Friday we got back to normal and was my best workout of the week. Finally Saturday was a mixture of emotions personally and wasn’t able to kick.

Sunday I spent the day looking for motivation and I found it through Instagram. So many great guys there to feed the motivation and definitely a recommendation to others. I cannot yet decide what to do after Insanity finishes in less than two weeks. Options are InstaniT25, Asylum Volume 1, Phase 2 of Insanity again or my current favourite – Insanity, Asylum Volume 1 & Asylum Volume 2 Ultimate 12 week hybrid!

Today has gone much more to plan and tonights workout was my best performance yet. I initially forgot to do the Fit Test and ended up doing it AFTER the workout. I actually think I did better than I would have done before hand, as between each exercise there is 60-90 seconds rest and I was already warm and knowing the main workout was just 8 exercises for 1 minute each was a huge boost!

I’m tired and aching now but got my koolpak’s and looking forward to DIGGING DEEPER tomorrow!

Positive thinking continues

Well today has given me a breath of fresh optimism after a great Insanity workout. Pure Cardio in Phase 1 proved tough in my first round of Insanity last year. Its Phase 2 equivalent Max Cardio Conditioning provided tough last week in my current attempt at completing Insanity. Lovely weather, F1 and the World Cup sure did give yesterdays ‘rest day’ live up to its name.

A fresh wave of motivation came yesterday after posting a few pictures up on instagram. The power of ‘likes’ is quite incredible. This led to a quick hashtag search for insanity related posts and the inspiration out there is incredible. I ended up messing around and seeing if I could now do more than one Plyo Push-Up and this is how I go on…

Today I set out having Museli & fresh fruit for breakfast before shifting 80 Kg washing machines & equal weight fridge freezers up a flight of stairs at work. A decent lunch of tinned tuna, chicken wings, spinach, nuts and Uncle Bens mircowaveable rice saw me keep the energy up till tea time.

Back on to Insanity, Max Cardio Conditioning went well although struggled with ’8 in & out abs, 8 push up jacks’ which were then followed with ‘Suicide Jumps’ for a minute. Managed to push through it and did well with the final round of 8 tuck jumps & 8 hop squats for a minute. Today was also the first time I have been able to fit into my Puma compression top purchased 8 years ago! It made a big difference and helped keep things in place.

Finally I found a photo from September 2012 when I was at my heaviest of 15 Stone 10 lb. The t-shirt used tight at the time of being worn. I’ve been using it as pyjama t-shirt recently and today found it dwarfed me. Check out the header photo… Also included is my before photo for todays workout.

Overall a positive day and fresh motivation after getting some welcomed comment through social media.

6 Weeks Done & New goodies

Today’s Insanity workout marks 6 weeks complete, meaning just three weeks to go. This week has been a lot tougher than I imagined. I remember my previous attempt it feeling like 2 fold increase but maybe the ‘shock and awe’ of it all removed the memory from me. Never-the-less, I’ve pushed through it and although some of this weeks performances have been below bar I ended the week improving on my previous attempt.

June 21st was Max Interval Plyo day. It was also my second attempt at Max Interval Plyo this week having done this on Tuesday. I seemed to completely forgot about the number of push-up combinations today and had been set on doing a lot of jumping.

I started the day testing out my new P90X pull-up bar (review to follow) the associated chin-up assist. My pull-up performance has been terrible (2 at max) in the past and I knew the chin-up assist is going to be required to get me to move forward and see progression. I tested at different lengths to find an base line of where I could do at least 7 good-form pull ups in different combinations. After a few mini sessions of testing this today I could feel my core heating up.

So having done some extra work earlier in the day to go ahead and improve on Max Interval Plyo, I have managed to turn an okay week into a decent ending. With three weeks to go I am going to give everything that I have got although there are some reservations about moving onto Asylum immediately afterwards. The thought process at the moment is that perhaps to re-do phase two after a recovery week and to really nail it. But we’ll see.

Rest day tomorrow with bright sunshine on the cards, good football and my beloved F1 in Austria.

Max Recovery – Better than expected

Past couple of days have been tough. The first day of Phase 2 I really pushed and nailed the workout harder than I have done before. For the next two days was never able to reach the same intensity and had to sit out some of it. After getting some extra sleep, utilising my new KoolPak’s (review to come soon) ice packs at work I’ve managed to soothe the sore muscles today.

The recovery programs in Insanity have always been hit and miss with me. They are exceptionally useful and I would say the most critical part of the exercise element however being the fourth workout in the week I tend to be tired and not push through. Phase 2 i plan to meet the requirements each and every day. Max Recovery is a tough workout and the 48 minute counter does seem daunting. Once into the exercises they pass through quickly and have a nice progression.

I’m glad I pushed through and can really see the benefit of the exercises in the routine. Just three more Max Recovery’s to go and cannot wait to push through Phase 2.

Target 1 Reached – Day 38 of Insanity

The day I set out to do Insanity was ultimately to complete it. However last February I set out to complete Insanity but only managed to make it to Day 38. Fair enough to main reason I stopped last time as I had got pre-occupied with someone – the same someone that has now inspired me to stick to my goals and get the body and lifestyle I want.

Day 38 marks the first hurdle reach and tomorrow Day 39 I’ll come home again and I will bring it. This time seem’s so much different – I am doing it for myself, I am enjoin myself and allow the scales aren’t changing as much as the noticeable affect of Insanity is having as my body shape changes. Micro muscles are beginning to shape. It is an awesome time.

The next goal is to power through the rest of the series and finish on Saturday 12th July – one week before my birthday and after my ‘AFTER’ photos are taken I will be celebrating my birthday then. I have goals of pushing through Insanity and jumping onto Asylum over the hot summer months and if I am still here to push through to P90X3 heading through the autumn.

I’ve created many blogs before, but have never committed to them for more than a few weeks. Let’s see where this goes and hopefully this first post will lead onto more.